executive chef JB

Award winning Head Chef JB took over Baumann's Brasserie from Mark Baumann back in 2015. Following seven years running the Baumann's kitchen, Ranfield's Brasserie is now ready to make a mark on the success that this charming brasserie has to offer. Previous to Baumann the owner was the infamous Peter Langan, owner of Langan's Brasserie on Stratton Street, Mayfair, London. Peter Langan co-owned the London Brasserie with Michael Caine and brought the Parisienne cafe society out to Coggeshall, Essex where he was living at the time.

Ranfield's JB took the Baumann's ambience into the new Ranfield's brand. Ranfield's continues to uphold Baumann's ethos of exquisite quality food, drink and dining atmosphere.

In the old Langan's of London style, Ranfield's is noted for its artwork and decor. The atmosphere is relaxed and professional with staff intuitively knowing what customers want from their visit. They are attentive without being stiff and overbearing, so you will enjoy the Ranfield's experience whether you're visiting with friends or colleagues, for special occasions, romantic tête-à-têtes or for just a leisurely meal out.

Browse our menus, Email us to book food@ranfieldsbrasserie.co.uk OR simply give us a call on 01376 561453.

We look forward to seeing you!

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